5 Smart Moves to Make with Your Unwanted Junk Before Hiring Removal Services

Do you have stuff at home that you don’t use anymore but don’t just want to throw away?

Before you call someone to take it all away, think about some cool things you could do with it instead.

At City Junk Services, we always try to find ways to help people get rid of their stuff without harming the environment.

Sometimes, this means finding new homes for things you don’t need anymore.

Whether it’s turning your old items into a little bit of money, giving them to people who need them, or making sure they get recycled, there are lots of smart choices you can make. These choices are good for the planet, can help other people, and might even help you earn some extra cash.

1. Selling at Second-Hand Stores

Have you ever visited a second-hand store?

These stores are like treasure chests where you can find all sorts of cool things—and you can sell your stuff there too!

Second-hand stores buy used items that are still in good shape, so you can make some money and clear out your space at the same time.

To get started, look for second-hand stores in your area. You might have seen places like thrift shops or consignment stores around town.

Before you get your items to the store, check what they accept because not all stores will take everything.

Some might only want clothes, while others might take books, games, or decorations. It’s a good idea to call them first or check their website to see what they’re looking for.

Here are a few that we recommend in North Vancouver / West Vancouver:

  • The Good Stuff Connection (North Vancouver) => They usually accept women’s & men’s apparel.
  • Hunter & Hare (Lonsdale, North Vancouver) => They accept multiple things like clothing, books, accessories, jewelry and much more.

Once you know they’ll take your stuff, make sure everything is clean and in good condition to give it the best chance of selling.

If the store likes what you bring, they’ll offer you money right then and there. Selling your stuff instead of throwing it away helps the environment too, because it means less trash in landfills. 

Plus, someone else gets to enjoy your items instead of them going to waste. So, take a look around your home.

That old jacket you never wear or those books you’ve read a dozen times? 

They could be just what someone else is looking to find!

2. Listing and Selling on Online Marketplaces

Another great way to deal with items you don’t need anymore is by selling them online.

Websites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace make it really easy for you to sell your stuff right from your phone. You just need to take some good pictures of your items, write a clear description, and set a price you think is fair.

Here’s what you need to do:

First, gather all the items you want to sell. Make sure they’re clean and look their best.

Then, take clear photos from different angles so buyers can see exactly what they’re getting. When you write the description, be honest about the condition of the item and include any important details like size or color.

Once everything is ready, just post it online. Choose a reasonable price, considering how much you would be willing to pay for it if you were the buyer.

Remember, people are looking for good deals on these sites, so set your price competitively to attract buyers.

Do not price a jacket that you bought 2 years ago for $300 from Arc’teryx, at $300 or above, especially if a brand-new one is available for the same price.

Selling online not only clears out your space but also reaches a lot of people without having to invite them to your home like you would for a garage sale.

Plus, it’s exciting when someone buys your item! Just be sure to arrange a safe place to meet or a reliable way to ship your item.

3. Hosting a Garage Sale

If you have a lot of items to get rid of and enjoy meeting your neighbors, hosting a garage sale might be the perfect option for you.

It’s a fun way to turn your unwanted items into cash right from your driveway or garage.

Simply pick a weekend day when the weather is nice and when you think many people will be available to stop by.

Before the big day, gather all the items you want to sell and price them. It helps to label everything clearly with price tags.

Think about setting up your items in categories on different tables like clothes, books, toys, and kitchenware, so it’s easy for shoppers to find what they’re interested in.

Make sure to have some change on hand as well for people who might not have the exact amount.

On the day of the sale, set everything up early in the morning. You can use tables to display smaller items and hang clothes up so they’re easy to look through.

Putting up some signs in your neighborhood can also attract more visitors to your garage sale.

Be friendly and ready to negotiate prices—remember, the goal is to clear out as much as possible!

Hosting a garage sale not only helps you declutter but also gives you a chance to connect with people in your community. It’s a social event that makes the chore of cleaning out your home more enjoyable and profitable.

Quick Tip: I would advise you not to choose a long-weekend for a garage sale. People usually prefer to travel & meet friends and might not be able to make it to the garage sale. A regular sunny day weekend would be a great idea!

5. Selling at Pawn Shops

Bet you did not see this coming!

Selling your items at pawn shops is a great option if you’re looking to make some quick cash from things you no longer need.

Pawn shops are unique because they offer immediate payment for items like electronics, jewelry, musical instruments, and tools. If you have items that are valuable but no longer useful to you, a pawn shop might be the right place to go.

When considering selling to a pawn shop, first do a bit of research to find reputable shops in your area. Look for reviews online or ask friends for recommendations to ensure you choose a trustworthy shop.

Here are a couple in Metro Vancouver:

Once you select a pawn shop, bring your items in for an appraisal. Their staff will assess the value of your items based on their condition and market demand. Be prepared to negotiate the price.

Pawnbrokers typically start with a lower offer, so knowing the value of your items ahead of time can help you negotiate a better deal.

Don’t be afraid to walk away if the offer doesn’t meet your expectations; you can always try another shop or explore different selling options.

Selling to a pawn shop can be straightforward and fast, making it a practical choice if you need money quickly.

Let’s Summarize

Finding ways to deal with your unwanted junk before calling a removal service can be both rewarding and responsible.

Whether you choose to sell your items at second-hand stores, list them on online marketplaces, host a garage sale, donate to a local charity, or sell at a pawn shop, each option has its own benefits.

Not only do these approaches help you declutter and possibly earn some money, but they also support environmental sustainability and community welfare.

Before you pick up the phone to call a junk removal company like ours, we definitely encourage you to consider these alternatives.

You might find that your “junk” isn’t just clutter but a resource that can bring joy, help others, or turn into a little extra cash.

So, take a moment to assess what you have, and choose the best option for your items.

By doing so, you’re making a positive impact in more ways than one.