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How We Got Here

When I started City Junk, my goal was to serve our community to the best of my ability. During our junk removal jobs, it became clear that many items we collected could benefit people in need.

In the last four years, we’ve disposed of tons of items that could have been reused. Unfortunately, donation centers are often full and unable to accept larger items. This has led us to send many useful items to the landfill, which is a distressing experience.

Core Junk Removal Team at City Junk

Growing up in South Africa, I witnessed extreme poverty firsthand. People often sleep on dirt floors or pallet wood with thin blankets. They lack basic household items like utensils, plates, and kitchenware. We throw away thousands of kitchen items and dozens of good mattresses annually, which could greatly benefit those in need.

On my last visit to South Africa, I realized we need to change our approach. This is why we’re launching a new initiative to donate items instead of discarding them.

Our Plan

Securing a Storage Location

We’re looking for a spot on the North Shore to place a 20 to 40-foot container for storage.

GoFundMe Campaign

To kickstart this project, we have set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise $20,000. This will cover shipping, security, transport, labor, and other costs.

Seeking Donations

We’re asking for donations to fund this process. Once proven successful, we plan to continue this initiative.

How You Can Help

Core Junk Removal Team at City Junk

Donate Items

If you’re a client, you can choose to have your reusable items sent to South Africa. A portion of your payment will go towards the donation fund. For example, if a house cleanout costs $2000 and 25% of the items are reusable, $1500 will cover the junk removal, and $500 will be a donation.

Direct Donations

Use the “Donate Now” button on our website to contribute directly to the fund.
Core Junk Removal Team at City Junk
Core Junk Removal Team at City Junk

Social Media and Nextdoor

We’ll post available items on our social media and Nextdoor app. You can pick up these items for free with a required donation to the fund.

Items We Are Looking To Send

Hand Tools

(tables, chairs, sofas)

(blankets, duvets)

Construction Materials
(plywood, 2x4s)


School Equipment
(desks, tables, chairs)



Join Us in Making a Difference!

By supporting this initiative, you’re helping to recycle and repurpose items that can uplift communities in need. Tools, for example, can empower families to sustain themselves.

Let’s work together to make a positive impact – book with us to donate today and be part of the change.


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